Welcome to Integrated Health Concepts — Bristol Clinic

Our Mission is to bring compassionate, individualized care to people—to help empower individuals toward better health by helping them see the relationship between spiritual balance, emotional balance, and true well-being. 


We are located at 28 Midway Street, Bristol, Tennessee, across the street from Kroger, and next door to Bristol Regional Counseling Center (see map)

For information or to make an appointment, telephone 423-573-9873.

Our hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday thru Thursday.

Healing tissue is like building a house.

The house you build depends on these resources:

  • materials at hand

  • expertise available

  • available finances

The lack of all three resources results in a mud and stick hut. This is still better than nothing but there is lack in security and dependability.  We could go through other scenarios but this should help you get the idea.  Now, healing your being, not just your body, results in an abundance of love, joy, peace, and all divine things.

Your goal is not healing your body, it is total well-being.

In order to heal there is an essential package, the foundation if you wish. Please watch this video as Dr. Schrenker explains about these four aspects of healing and well-being:

The Four Aspects of Healing

  1. Love and forgive everyone, yes everyone.
  2. Do something with your life you can be proud of, feel like you are contributing to society.
  3. Eat a clean diet and have a clean life, free from toxins and artificial substances.
  4. Exercise your mind and body.

Please note: seeing your doctor for regular check-ups does not make this list, and certainly, pharmaceuticals are not included either.


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