Your Body is a Temple

This journey is about choice.  At this moment you are the culmination of your life’s choices.  Your health is rooted in choices you made in childhood.  However, the expression of your health today is mostly influenced by the choices you have made over the last nine months.  Your body changes.  Every cell is repaired and eventually replaced.  If you break a bone, the hardest most solid part of your body, it heals.  It heals w/out doctors, it heals without you knowing what to do.  You simply live your life and one day the broken bone is repaired.  You get a cut.  It heals.  Some of the softest tissue in the body.  So most people don’t sit around and tell the body what to do in order to heal.

If every part of the body can heal, than why aren’t you healing now?  Because healing tissue is like breathing, it is part of the “base package” everyone gets.  But healing the person involves the mind-body connection. The secret of healing completely is that healing begins with spiritual balance.  Your connection to Source Energy, God.

Healing tissue is like building a house.  The house you build depends on materials at hand, expertise available and finances available.  A lack of all three results in a mud and stick hut, still better than nothing but lacking in security and dependability.  We could go through other scenarios but you get the picture.  Now, healing your being, not just your body, results in Abundance of love, joy and peace and other divine things.  This is not healing your body, this is total well-being.

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