Spirituality and Health

Dear colleagues,

Enclosed is a theory unifying Medicine, Spirituality and Science. I have sent this to you for your reading pleasure in hopes to spark a change in consciousness. It reflects my personal observations and is founded upon 20+ years of experience in the medical field as a Family Practitioner. The healthcare crisis in the world has been created by humans. Capitalistic companies are taking advantage of fear-based people in order to profit. There are wonderful drugs and techniques that have been developed, yet most remain unaffordable and only address the symptoms of the disease.

The last 100 years has seen tremendous advancement in our knowledge and sophistication within medicine. The cold hard facts are still very disturbing. We are fatter, sicker and more depressed than any other time in recorded history. For the first time in evolutionary history we will die before our parents. In order to achieve this less than mediocre result we spend billions of dollars per year.

Our medical schools hardly touch on nutrition, exercise or spirituality. Any of which is more important to wellbeing than any medicine ever developed. Corporations have successfully told us how we should feel, what we should eat and have given us more reasons to be sedentary than ever before. Together this combination has fostered a feeling of entitlement and a discrete lack of personal responsibility. If we as a human race are to live in peace, love and wellness we must look far outside the established lines for the correct direction to proceed.

This paper is about reclaiming wellness. It is meant to spark our thoughts and hopefully achieve collaboration between Medicine, Science and Spiritual Leaders. It will be infinitely difficult to research, yet results can be easily seen. To me it is the essence of GOD in that it requires Faith; the magic bullet for medicine, because it heals; and the big bang for science, as it explains creation. Your response is most welcome. Please share this with anyone. Together we can evolve quicker. Click here for the PDF download: Spirituality and Health

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